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May 10, 2013 / Sun City Media

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What I find refreshing about the advent of Social Media compared to traditional mainstream media is that previously unheard voices and perspectives have greater opportunity to be heard. It is for this reason, I’ve populated the Sun City Media Facebook Page not only with links to mainstream broadcasts and articles but also to material I’ve discovered in social media. I believe a stronger mix of both may help to engender a less prejudiced and more informed world view.

Some may find some of this more alternative social media to be controversial. For this reason, I’d like to make it clear from the outset that posts to the Sun City Media Facebook Page or Twitter a/c don’t necessarily reflect my personal politics or bias. Posts do often reflect my personal interests or curiosity, my critical suspicion of the status quo and my support for the democratic principle that dissident and marginal voices also have a right to be heard. It is in this spirit of Freedom Of The Press that I invite you to submit your article link with or without your comment to be published on the Sun City Media Facebook page.

Sun City Media

Sun City Media’s Facebook Page  is currently dedicated to social media and freer dissemination of information in an effort to meet the responsibilities of good media business.

  • To promote Sun City Media services in an effort to become sustainable as an independent business
  • To cover local and international news
  • To offer comment that may elicit greater public interest, critical thought, discourse, engagement and understanding of news, current affairs or Sun City Media’s services offering.
  • To cover all the angles – including so called ‘conspiracy theories’ – in the fight against the evils of secrecy and the quest for improved public engagement and understanding of the news.
  • To hold government accountable; to ensure government at all levels meets its obligation to provide the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security.
  • To hold political forces accountable; to help shed light on whose pockets they may be in or whose tunes they dance to.
  • To promote freedom and independence of all people not only a select few.
  • To quest for truth & to respect the rights & privacy of individuals.
  • To uphold principles of Democracy, Freedom, Personal Independence, Social Justice and Good Enterprise.

 Sun City Media’s Facebook Page

  • is an experimental social media exercise with a view to offering publishing opportunities for articles & comments.
  • is currently offering the opportunity to have your comment and/or article’s link published FREE of charge.

If you have an Article Link you would like published on our Facebook page you can send a request from the Contact Page.

Simply Copy/Paste the below template into the Message section of the Contact Form and supply relevant information. We will contact you by email to notify you of the outcome or to negotiate the below mentioned publishing criteria.

<——– Start Article Link Template ——–>

Article Title:

Article URL:

Article Comment: (select YES or NO)

YES – I want you to publish my own comment for the link*

NO  – Publish the link without any comment

<——– End Article Link Template ——–>

All Links and Comments appear as Facebook Status Updates on the Sun City Media Facebook Page.

* If you select YES,  you will need to follow your template submission up with an email to, – Clearly cite your Article Title in your email’s Subject field. Your Comment should be placed in the body of the email. In order to be accepted for publishing your comment should read well and have correct spelling and grammar.

Sun City Media reserves the right to request editing of comments or to not publish any submission.

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