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Sun City Media is a registered business name in, Western Australia.

The business is a small (one man/sole trader) business that offers my artist and professional services. It utilizes modern technologies and networks of media and human resources on a project or needs basis.

I offer consulting, representation and a compelling suite of creative and multimedia production services that may be available upon personal request. Services include: creative (writing abstracts and copy),  voice and video production and other content creation.

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I have a post-graduate university education in Art History, Social Sciences (incl. Sociology and Politics) and Education. I’ve had over twenty years experience as an educator (workplace trainer, coach, TESL teacher), corporate sales/marketing executive and manager in technology and trade related industries.

I’m also an Independent Artist who has worked temporary, casual and seasonal blue-collar jobs when more professional work hasn’t been forthcoming.

My rates are competitive and I take a professional approach to any work I do. I even offer a Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

TC Roberts.

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