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The below information was published to this page in 2012 or thereabouts so it’s no longer strictly relevant to current pricing. It does however link through to relevant resources and serves to indicate or benchmark minimum rates clients might reasonably expect to pay for professional voice production and associated work.

Voice Production

Voice production rates are based on recommended minimum rates for the industry as outlined by,
The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance and negotiated and agreed to by the, Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA).

Relevant documents include:

(links open to a separate browser page)

Commercial Voice Over Rates for TV, Cinema & Radio (2012)

WA Recommended TVC Rates

Animated Voice Over Rates

Equity Minimum Rates 2011*

(*refer to bottom right corner for, TVC & Corporate Video base rates – doesn’t include usage fees)

These Alliance documents are provided for your benefit as:

  • An industry benchmark
  • So you can better gauge the value of quotes provided


You can pay using PayPal or Bank Transfer or contact me if you’d like to pay using Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or similar. I’m also receptive to discusing alternative payment methods such as trading products or services.

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